CAREER Constitutional and international human rights law Trial practice Family/Domestic/Juvenile Contracts Torts Appeals Criminal Real-estate brokerage law and compliance Commercial real-estate-brokerage compliance Consultations and expert witness services Attorney at Law Real Estate Broker EDUCATION BS, Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University JD, Indiana University School of Law National Institute of Trial Advocacy, Cornell University LL.M., Georgetown University Law Center Licensed broker in North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina Licensed attorney in North Carolina, Georgia*, Connecticut*, Vermont* and Indiana* *inactive/retired ASSOCIATIONS Bryce Martin Foundation, Board Member Project Main Street and Activate Raleigh 9/11 Day-of-Service Participant on behalf of DTZ Americas Inc. Triangle Commercial Association of Realtors®/ Realtors Commercial Alliance Wake County Real Property Lawyers Triangle USGBC – Advocacy and Education Committees International Affairs Council – North Carolina Wake County Bar Association Raleigh Regional Association of Realtors Atkins Park Neighborhood Association, Chair, By-laws Committee, Atlanta Women’s Caucus, Democratic National Convention, Volunteer Coordinator, Chicago White House Volunteer, Presidential Personnel and Women’s Initiatives and Outreach, Clinton Administration Burlington City Council, Ward Five Councillor – Waterfront and Ordinance Committees Mayor Sanders’ Chief of Police Search Team Vermont Bar Association, Public Education Committee, Chair and Member Chittenden County Bar Association, Liaison for Educational “Project Assist” Youth At Risk, Vermont Volunteer Coordinator for Boston Youth at Risk Program Holiday Project, Lawyer and Fundraiser; Ending Hunger Project, Organizaton and By-laws Advisor Fellow, Indianapolis Department Metropolitan Development, Planning and Zoning Division Community Service Council, Advisory Committee for Volunteer Bureau, Indianapolis Environmental Coalition of Metropolitan Indianapolis, Chair League of Women Voters, Environmental Quality Chair, Indianapolis Mayor Lugar’s Task Force on the Status of Women, Indianapolis

Jane's family-histories stem from long lines of farmers; on the one side immigrants, on the other, American revolutionaries.  They came off the farms to serve in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI and WW II. Her young father had been left on the farm to tend it, since all his brothers and brother-in-laws as well as father were called to military service in WWII.  While his generation became small-business owners and workers, or nursing professionals and the like, his parents returned to rural, small-town living, and his father headed the local Veteran's Administration office.


Because she lived with her grandparents, and other members of the family, she grew up largely in the rural, small-town, farming communities, and newly suburban areas surrounding a big city.  Hence, her roots and formative years grew from soil very much like that of North Carolina's new Congressional District 2.


"Following her bliss"eventually led her to law school but would, first, engage her in community service and civic leadership, followed by metropolitan studies, urban planning, and political and public-policy discourse.  As an appellate judicial law clerk, public defender and trial lawyer, she came to realize the complexities of the human condition, the critical importance of the early years of life, the inside stories of families riddled with addictions and mental-health problems, the tangle of systemic injustices, matters of political influence, and much, much more.


Her experiences led her to engage in "public service" and public office at the local, state and federal levels. Her family-life led her to be "at home" and engaged in a variety of American settings including a few state capitals, big cities, the nation's capital, and finally in Raleigh/Wake-County/"The Triangle" NC.


Jane always has been an ardent advocate for her clients, constituents and causes.  The state of affairs in which we find ourselves and the exigent human circumstances of our present times require a transformation in politics, and Jane is prepared to engage with the leaders of the upcoming generation and work with the people of District 2 to make the promise of the Blessings of Liberty for us and our Posterity real!